Printer Driver Links (select one of the three below):

Windows - Label printer


Windows - Receipt printer

Mac - printer 


Thank you for choosing our Wuzy USB Printer! You are almost ready to start producing quick and high quality labels/receipts. Please follow our simple instructions below: 

  1. Connect your printer to a power source and connect the USB cable to your OS device and printer, then turn on the switch.
  2. Click on one of the 3 links above and choose the necessary file for your OS device (Mac or Windows).
  3. Follow on-screen instructions
  4. For Windows, Select “Printer-80” if you intend to print receipts, and Select EML-400L for 4-inch, EML-300L for 3-inch and EML-200L for 2-inch labels. 

After installing and following the on-screen instructions, you are ready to print for Windows. Select the printer (EML-400L for example) when you print.

  1. For Mac OSX, Go to your Printers and Scanners in Settings and select “+” 

When the printer is connected via USB, Select printer-80. Then select “Select software”

Select POS Label for label printing or POS-80 for receipt printing as the software, and select “Ok”. 

  1. When printing, from your label editing or printing software (Adobe reader for example), select “Printer-80”. If you would like to address the size, select “Page Setup”, then select the correct size.  Ex) 4x6” label will have 4x6”

  1. Select Print.

Once again, thank you for your purchase! 

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